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College Training Program Courses

  • • Xplore360 Personality Development Programs (X-PDP)
  • • Xplore360 Aptitude Development Program (X-ADP)
  • • Xplore360 Learn-to-Communicate (X-LC)
  • • Xplore360 Employability Skills Development Program (X-ESD)
  • • Xplore360 Entrepreneurship Development Program (X-EDP) (Specially designed for selected candidates)

School Training Program Courses

  • • Xplore360 “Future Focus” (X-FF)
  • • Xplore360 Life Skills Development (X-LSDP)
  • • Xplore360 Vedic Mathematics(X-VM)
  • • Xplore360 Faculty Development Programs (X-FDP)

Corporate Training Program Courses

  • • Xplore360 Effective Business Communication (X-EBC)
  • • Xplore360 Effective Presentation Skills (X-EPS)
  • • Xplore360 Fundamentals of Project Management (X-FPM)
  • • Xplore360 Basics of MS Excel (X-BXL)
  • • Xplore360 Advanced Negotiation Skill (X-ANS)
  • • Xplore360 Business Etiquette (X-BE)
  • • Xplore360 Team Building & Management (X-TB&M)
  • • Xplore360 “Advantage Sales” (X-AS)
  • • Xplore360 Stress Management (X-SM)
  • • Xplore360 Motivation for Leaders (X-ML)
  • • Xplore360 Leadership Skill (X-LS)
  • • Xplore360 workforce development program (X-WDP)



Yashika Manwal B-Tech Student DIT University, Dehradun I did not know that I will move out of this training program with complete change of mindset. My closed mind has opened and i really feel grateful to our management for choosing you as our mentor who is so compassionate and passionate about making people realize their unique skills.

Sumit Gupta MCA Student G L Bajaj Institute of technology and managementThanks to Mr. Rajeev Kumar for such an improving session of GD/PI. They really helped us a lot. All the students who attended GD/ PI session are placed. GD/ PI helped us to improve a lot. All credit goes to you sir, you are really good and helped us to improve a lot. The basics taught by you proved fruitful to me and my friends.

Himani singh B-Tech Student MPCT Gwalior The person with great talent and to deliver that talent in the best way. His mantra of success " great attitude and good aptitude" is the crux of his program. Great orator and practical person who is not only good at aptitude but having great attitude.

Ajay Mishra B-Tech Student DIT University, Dehradun According to me, the session is highly innovative and knowledgeable. I would like to attend more programs like this especially by a trainer like Ms Sushmita Thakur who has done a very good job in improving our communication skills, and from today itself I will implement the learning in my daily routine.

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