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Corporate Professionals

Training and development in the coming year will be vital for individual and business success. The current state of the local and international economies provides a compelling reason for individuals to invest in themselves and for businesses to invest in their teams. Ensuring business challenges are addressed can be easier when combining business and commercial solutions with trained, competent, attentive teams.

Xplore360 professional development Training programmes are designed with one goal in mind: to solve business problems, improve productivity and achieve desired outcomes in a balanced, effective way. The programmes we run are designed in-house to suit specific training needs. The programmes are an array of business, management, team building, sales, customer service, change management, etc. From building a bid response to constructing a sales campaign, our training is hands on, wholesome, results-driven and people-oriented.


Courses in this category are designed to improve the skills, productivity and abilities of the individual by focusing on the development of their own potential. The courses on offer in this category are broad. They cover technical, commercial, business, management and interpersonal skills.

Xplore360 Effective Business Communication (X-EBC)
Xplore360 Effective Presentation Skills (X-EPS)
Xplore360 Time Management (X-TM)
Xplore360 Stress Management (X-SM)
Xplore360 Personal Effectiveness (X-PE)
Xplore360 Basics of MS Excel (X-BXL)


The target of these courses is to ensure a synergy in the productivity, cooperation and outcomes achieved by a team as the combination of efforts of all its members. Courses in this category are all about team cohesion, workforce planning, team development and growth.

Xplore360 Team Building & Management (X-TB&M)
Xplore360 Leadership Skill (X-LS)
Xplore360 Motivation for Leaders (X-ML)
Xplore360 Conflict Management (X-CM)
Xplore360 Problem Solving (X- PS)
Xplore360 Advanced Negotiation Skill (X-ANS)


Business management courses are designed to cover the business specialties of commerce, operations and enterprise that underpin the skills required to enter into or expand an enterprise. The skills are also applied in supervisory and managerial roles. Through these courses participants are able to build a strong foundation in management practice.
Designed for the mid-level employee, supervisor or manager, this category of courses covers all the major areas of managing, running, administering and growing a business and is our largest category in terms of number of courses on offer.

Xplore360 Workforce Development Program (X- WDP)
Xplore360 Business Etiquette (X-BE)
Xplore360 “Advantage Sales” (X-AS)
Xplore360 Change Management (X-CM)
Xplore360 Fundamentals of Project Management (X-FPM)

What Makes Us Special ?

• Dynamic Passionate and quality trainers and mentors with proven professional credentials

• An ever expanding network of professional achievers from varied fields involved as field trainers and mentors or contributing in program design

• Access to various quality knowledge resource pools facilitating innovative and result oriented program in a dynamic corporate sector scenario

• Properly incorporated feedback mechanism for tangible performance evaluation and reporting

Our Value Proposition

• Explore new area of opportunities – Students development program

• Industry ready resources – on boarding cost reduced

• Higher employability for students – reduced academia-industry gap

• Industry oriented teaching – Faculty Development program

• Higher ranking for institutions – strong industry networking

• Increased productivity of employees – sustainable growth for organization

Our Approach

• Analyze - Examine the student and the environment (In association with college management)

• Design - Plan, Conceptualize and drive the reason

• Develop - Outline, Create and test the solution

• Implement - Communicate and apply the solution (and certify participating students at the end of training)

• Evaluate - Assess the effectiveness (of the learning gathered by the participating students)

Our Advantages

  1. • Customized and client friendly solutions
  2. • Vernacular advantage
  3. • Facilitation for Employability
  4. • State of the art training solutions
  5. • Highly experienced, multi skilled, dynamic trainers
  6. • In depth knowledge of the market scenario
  7. • Practitioners instead of typical ‘chalk and talk’ trainers
  8. • Quick response time
  9. • Dedicated manpower allocation